Mont-Blanc Asset Management SA
Geneva, Switzerland


Data Protection Policy

We are an organization which takes the concept of data security and the protection of our customer's private lives very seriously. Our company strives continuously to protect all personal data which is in our possession but which ultimately belongs to our customers. Personal data is defined as any information which can be used to identify a physical person - such as name, email or ip address.

Our company can record certain data through the "Contact" page of this website. These data are used to allow us to communicate with a potential client and to respond to his/her requests in a legitimate and professional manner. The company Mont-Blanc Asset Management SA has its head-quarters at 3 rue de Berne, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland and is committed to protecting and safeguarding its customer's data using the latest industry standard techniques.

What personal data do we collect?

While visiting our site you may ask for information or request a meeting with one of our advisors by using the "Contact" form. In this case we record your Last name, First name and Email as well as the Message that you wrote. Before sending us these data you must give your consent to their use according to our Data Protection Policy by ticking the box labeled "I agree"

Why do we collect these data?

These data are used to enable us to communicate with you in response to your request and to perform any legitimate actions pursuant to that request.

What is the retention period of the collected data?

These data are retained as long as is necessary for us to respond to your request in a satisfactory and professional way. Once a year they are examined and, if no longer required for legitimate business reasons, they are erased from our files. You have the right, at any moment, to see, modify or delete these data by contacting us using the same "Contact" form.

Who do we share these data with?

We do not share these data with anyone.

Our "cookie" Policy

A cookie is a small data file which is stored on your computer/phone and managed by your browser. There are several types of cookie and they can contain personal data. The lifetime of a cookie varies according to its type and/or your browser's parameters.

The site does not use cookies.